Want to get a membership site for your team but don’t know how to go about it?

I want to show you how you can build your own team membership site By yourself Easily and Without Going Broke.

I’m sure you have researched every single membership site option you could find online and only one thing remains constant for you.

…You are frustrated as heck by all of them.

You are left with more questions and no one to answer them.

You need a membership site fast, up and running so you can start building your own army of biz-ops recruits that will go promote the system so you can start making serious residual income but one “not so tiny” problem stands in your way.

You need the right membership site….

But with questions lingering in your head, it’s hard to pick the right membership software.

You need to get the answers to these questions first..

  1. How the heck does this thing work?
  2. Will I be able to set this thing up by myself?
  3. Will this site work to bring in members and train them on auto-pilot?
  4. Will I get support if I need to ask questions?

I Know what you are looking for, because at one point I was searching for the same thing. I wanted a simple membership site that I could set up myself and OWN so I could do with it whenever I wanted to and set up multiple recruiting machines and let them go viral making me money without having to touch them again.

What I was finding was complicated softwares that I had to go install
myself and go “configure”. What the heck does that word mean anyway?

Then the next problem I had in my search was, the membership softwares on the market was not designed specifically for people who wanted to build a network marketing team.
They all was telling me how to connect my “payment Portal” so I could sell my product and pay my affliates.

I didn’t want to set up any payment services or pay affliates.

All I wanted was a simple site, that allowed my teamates to duplicate my efforts by allowing them to just promote one link inside the system and they could somehow insert their join link into the system so as they recruit others to the membership site, they would get credit for the refferal.

I didn’t think it would be so hard to find but I quickly realize there was a lot of things I didn’t know and didn’t even realized I needed.

So I set out to find a good, inexpensive membership software that I could use specifically to recruit people into my MLM company with.

I wanted the membership site to basically do two main things:

  • A site that would allow me to recruit members into my online MLM business and allow my recruits to plug in their affiliate link and the system would automatically change my join link to theirs allowing them to recruit others under themselves.
  • A site that was inexpensive, with no monthly fees or extra fees for features that I needed. PLUS I wanted it to have the capability for me to add extra businesses to my system so if I wanted to add multiple businesses in the system then I could do it all in the back office without creating another membership site.  This would allow me to create multiple stream of income from just recruiting members one time.

I also wanted a system where when my recruits referred new members to my membership site I was able to capture these new leads and add them to my auto-responder.

I found that system and it was specifically designed for network marketers who are building a business by recruiting people.

After I found this membership site builder script, I knew it was the best membership site platform for me to use to build a MLM based membership site.  All the other membership site plugins were geared towards people who want to sell a product and collect money from clients.   That’s not what I wanted the script to do.

If you are looking for a simple membership script to use to recruit a downline and allow them to use your system to recruit others then I can help you find the right software for you.

I’m offering anyone who wants this or is looking for a membership software a look at my personal business where I will show you the exact same software I’m using to recruit people in my MLM business.
I’ll also give you a tour of the software so you can see it in action and see if this is something you are looking for (I know you will like what it can do for your business) But
I want to keep my business private and not have it blasting on the internet so tell me where to send the video and I’ll send you a copy.

In addition to the demo tutorial of the script, I’ll also send you My Fast Action Blueprint to setting up your Own Membership Site.

  • It will show you how to structure your membership site to get massive recruits
  • What to do to get your recruits to join your business quick
  • How to train your downline on Auto-pilot to create duplication in your business
  • How to create Multiple streams of income from all your recruits..

Get the Free video and Your copy of the Fast Action Blueprint To Membership Success Here

When I was looking for a software I wished someone would show me the software they were using and show me how it works so I could know for sure If it’s the one I wanted to use. So That’s what I’ve decided to do for you.
I don’t want you to struggle wasting your time reading and researching all these softwares online when you can just see it and then decide if it will work for what you want it to do.
I’m going to show you the one I’m using, show you how I’m using it and give you the Fast Start Action Blue Print you can use to create a money sucking membership site.